The composition of the first teacher

Often people say: “The teacher is the second mother” – and immediately the question is born: “How many such mothers in the life of each child”? The answer is: they are many, and each of them is beautiful in its own way. But, in my opinion, the very first mother, the one that was in life for every person who has reached every heart, is the first teacher.

Strict, almost always with a serious facial expression, with a loud voice, but such kind and understanding is my first teacher Elena Yuryevna.

I met her about ten years ago, coming with bows on my head and knapsack at my back in a place that I did not know yet. Before me was she – a festively dressed young woman, short, with a short haircut, radiant big eyes and a radiant smile. Elena Y. met us at the school, and for her, as well as for us, first-graders, it was a very important day, which marked the beginning of our joint journey through the country of knowledge.

There were many

happy moments in the four years spent together with Elena Yurievna, but there were also incidents, tears, bad assessments, comments, well, as, probably, in every class. The loud voice of the teacher has always alarmed us, such naughty ones, praise from her lips – pleased us, made us blush and embarrassed.

I, probably, will never forget our trip with Elena Yurievna to rest in the health-improving boarding house “Verkhniy Bor”. Ah, it was a wonderful time! There we studied, treated, communicated, danced, walked, it was very fun, and all thanks to the wonderful leisure that our beloved teacher organized us.

There I really felt Elena Yuryevna as my second mother. When I hurt my hand, I did not run to the nurse, not to the doctor, but, of course, to her, the most native and understanding. Elena Yuryevna helped me with such love and care that I will remain grateful to her for life.

For me at that moment, my teacher, as I said, was like a second mother, and she at every moment of her life, even when she is busy with other children-her students-is the first mother and the most expensive person

for her daughter, who already has their own family. Despite the young years, Elena Yurievna is already a grandmother, who, like all women, I think, spoils her beloved granddaughters.

Every day at school, sitting at a desk, I admired my teacher. I, being a child, in secret from all friends, I confess honestly, envied Elena Yuryevna. She was standing so proudly at the blackboard, holding in her hands, always stained with chalk, a pointer, explaining to us the topic, and we, so small and frisky, for these moments faded and listened to the words of the teacher with her mouth open. I remember it, as if everything happened only yesterday.

It’s been ten years already, almost all those who studied with me, when our teacher was Elena Yurievna, are now studying in another place, but still a few girls, my girlfriends, are still in my class. We very often, sitting on the break, remember those wonderful years when we were just babies; our hikes, games, trips, our graduation in the fourth grade, when we with tears in our eyes parted with our beloved Elena Yurievna. She, with a lot of strength and patience, released us to the middle school and is now the first, the most beloved and so far the only “second mother” in other children.

I became interested, and I decided to find out from Yelena Yurievna herself what remained in her memory about our class and what the profession of a teacher means for her. My teacher gladly talked to me and said:

– Yes, I, of course, remember my “B” class. You were the most cheerful children, who were always happy to participate in all sports competitions, and by the way, I remember exactly that they took only prizes! Teachers of physical education for this very praised you, I was so pleased to hear about what you have I am fun and active. Your class has sunk into my soul forever! As now I remember how the girls were upset because of the triplets, the boys hooliganed, did not listen, and then asked for forgiveness, I remember the excellent students, those who had good behavior, the leaders who always did something useful for the class, I remember everyone and everyone I very much want each of you to find your way in life and be happy!

Elena Yurievna thought for a while and continued:

“All my life I devoted to the profession of a teacher. At school I work more than 25 years. I wanted to teach children when I was still in third grade. My teacher allowed me to help her check notebooks, write with chalk on a blackboard and so on. I really liked it, both then and still. My love for my profession came from my childhood. Pedagogy – my whole life!

At the “last bell” festival in the ninth grade, we sang the song “Teacher my first” with the girls. Everyone at that moment, of course, expressed her gratitude to her first teacher, her first second mother, and with tears in her eyes she looked at Elena Yurievna and sincerely thanked her for her heart.

And I am ready now and many more, many times to thank you, Elena Yuryevna for bringing up human qualities in us, invested in our heads an invaluable load of knowledge, helped us learn to find friends and find ourselves in the team. I think this is a huge work. I want to apologize for unlearned poems, unsolved problems, catch-ups in the classroom – for everything that upset you, sometimes to tears. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov said: “Who can not take caresses, he will not take and severity.” So, you took us both. You have reached our hearts! Thanks you!

Often people say: “The teacher is the second mother.” This is certainly so, but the most “second mother”, the one that every man had, the one that has sunk into the soul forever, is the first teacher.

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The composition of the first teacher