Composition of student life

This wonderful time, which every schoolchild dreams about, at all times was considered a symbol of youth, fun and first love. And happy is he who managed to live the years of his student life in a rich and full.

One of the generally accepted, but, alas, erroneous opinions, is the alignment of student years to binge and unrestrained fun with a slight tinge of vice. But it is not debauchery and permissiveness that become the most valuable gifts of this wonderful time in the life of a person.

Student years are an adult and full life, not yet included in the rut of ordinary life and hopeless everyday life. It is the triumph of youth and health, the awareness that all roads in the world are open to determined and purposeful conquerors of the impossible. This is truly an unlimited opportunity to choose your path.

It is this period that is the most significant and expensive in terms of accumulating knowledge, increasing the level of erudition, studying foreign languages. Students are a great chance to see the world, joining one of the many exchange programs, it’s time for new acquaintances and gaining strong friendship for long, long years.

Years of students – this is also the first love, the first mistakes and experiences, kisses and heartfelt vows. Perhaps it is during this period that someone will meet a companion for life, and someone will gain invaluable experience and learn sad lessons.

Beautiful, bright and stunningly happy time! And her radiance and tremulous memory will warm the person all his life.

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Composition of student life