Writing about a word

Inability to use vocabulary often leads to misunderstanding between people, which can result in the collapse of business, friendly and even romantic relationships. A wise essay on the word encourages the reader to correctly formulate phrases and sentences designed for a productive dialogue with the opponent.

What is a word. The word is a component of our speech. Words form in sentences, in texts, with the help of which, in turn, there is communication and knowledge of the world.

Words can describe events, phenomena and everything that surrounds us. This, the so-called technical characteristics of the word. They help to arrange a coherent and understandable spoken language.

The word in a person’s life plays a global role. We form a phrase from suitable words to convey our thoughts as clearly as possible and deeper. Always remember the power of the word.

It can, how to inspire a person to great deeds, and plunge into depression and depression. A kind word

will inspire, a brutal one will strike backhand. A wise proverb says: “The word is not a sparrow, it will fly out – you will not catch it.” That is, think carefully and weigh everything before you say something important. For example, you can give an unrealizable promise or namish in your hearts. After all thoughtlessly abandoned words can not be returned. This will bring suffering not only to your opponent, but to yourself. The loss of conscience and regret for what has been said will torment your soul and constantly remind you of an offended or deceived person.

To convey the meaning of the word to others, it is not necessary to be an eloquent speaker. It is enough to have an open heart, human kindness and a desire to imbue with the real problems of one’s interlocutor at that time. A wise word can prevent many troubles and wrong, hasty decisions.

If a person dear to you catches in words a kind of hypocrisy or falsehood, then he will close from you not only your ears, but your heart. Only sincerity, truthfulness, openness of feelings and thoughts give people mutual understanding

and kinship of souls. Spiritually close people understand each other with a single word, even a half-word or a glance. They are so interconnected that they can mentally exchange the most important words for them.

Do not have to strain and come up with lofty words to express your admiration and adoration. Only selfish egoists “swallow” such hypocrisy, taking it for “pure coin.” The man of the subtle soul is content with simple words coming from a loving heart. And he will also answer simply and sincerely.

So let us force the words to awaken the best qualities of the human soul – mercy, generosity, compassion, the ability to forgive and love!

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Writing about a word