My favorite subject of mathematics is composition

My favorite subject of mathematics is composition

I like mathematics more than other subjects.

It was enough for an ancient man to count to five or ten. His life was too simple, primitive. Now everything is not so.

Without mathematics today it is impossible to live in the world. Numbers surround us everywhere. Seconds and minutes, kilometers and millimeters, grams and kilograms, rubles and dollars. Without mathematics, you can not calculate the distance between the stars and the orbit of the space station, you do not know how many people live in the country and how many products you need to produce, so that everyone will have enough. Even in computer games, many tasks are built on the ability to quickly calculate and solve arithmetic problems. Even in music, a lot depends on the correct score.

I would like to be a designer or an architect in the future. To invent new cars, ships or planes, create drawings of beautiful houses, cinemas and stadiums. For this, I must have a lot of knowledge in mathematical sciences – algebra, geometry, physics.

But besides that, mathematics is useful to me in life, I also like that mathematics is like a game: when I find a solution to an example or a problem, I am happy that I succeeded. And the prize for the decision is a five in a diary.

Love for exact sciences develops logic, helps correctly formulate thoughts, look at things with other eyes.

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My favorite subject of mathematics is composition