Wisdom Lesson

Previously, I dreamed that when I grow up, then, as a dad and grandfather, I will go hunting. It’s so easy to kill an animal! It would be a gun: “bang” – and a hare in your pocket.

Once I asked my grandfather to tell me how he was hunting.

“It was a sunny frosty morning,” his grandfather began his story. “I took the gun and got on the skis. The snow was soft and fluffy. In the frosty air, the creaking from the skis was heard far away. In such days the hare is sensitive and the chances of taking it from the ascent are not great. Traces to look for a long time did not have to, they are on fresh snow as on a sheet of paper. Discount from the trail found quickly: apparently, the hare did not hitch for long. So, somewhere near the bed. I surveyed everything within a radius of twenty meters. Hare as in the water has sunk. Where the trail broke off, the hollow began. I went down into it, but there are no traces. Mysticism somehow. And then the view fell on a large snowdrift hanging from the hillock, from which, refracted in the sun, a thin stream of steam rose upward. Ah, that’s where you hid, sly! He buried himself in a snowdrift, slept like a bear in a den, and did not blow his mustache. I took off my skis and put it in that place, where did the steam come from. The next moment a column of snow rose in the air. Then a mad hare jumped out. Nearly knocking me off my feet, he started to run. I threw up the gun, the target was close, you can take it off with one shot. But I felt sorry for this lop-eared wise man. Let him live and teach others to the mind. I shot a doublet in the air, the rabbit, ducking his ears, gave a dribble.

Grandfather was silent, and I was sitting and thought that it was not so easy to kill the animal cold-bloodedly. I wanted to be a hunter immediately, because I realized that murder in any case is a cruel business.

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Wisdom Lesson