My favorite poet

I love the works of the great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin. At school we basically got acquainted with his poems about nature and the Motherland. And I myself discovered his poetry about love.

About nature Yesenin composed beautiful, gentle and melodic poems. For him was every blade of grass, every fallen leaf in the autumn forest, “in the alley every dog.”

And the Motherland in Yesenin’s poetry is not an abstract lush word, not a state, not flags and hymns. These are forests and fields, a birch grove, a “red mountain ash”, a “low house” and an “old dog”. All this is alive, real and painfully native.

Most of all I like Yesenin’s lyrics about love. He describes the enormous power of the senses and the frenzied intensity of the passions: “Well, kiss me, kiss me, even to the blood, though painfully.” Love is a fire, it is inseparable with jealousy, disappointment, pain:

“I did not know

that love is an infection,

I did not know that love is a plague. “

Despite this, the poet would not exchange love for a calm and dull existence.

I love Yesenin because, as I read it, I seem to hear the voice of a living person. Sergei Yesenin was sincere in his poems. He lived his life, about the principle: “It is better to burn quickly than slowly wither.” Yesenin spoke with poets, artists, theater directors, artists. He fell in love many times, led a violent life, drank and slept in the police. The most famous of his love was the famous dancer Isadora Duncan:

“I was looking for happiness in this woman,

And accidentally found death. “

Yesenin went to another world early, at the age of thirty. For many years his death was considered a suicide, but now there is more evidence that the poet was killed. He loved freedom, was unfit for the authorities, had many ill-wishers.

Yesenin’s poems are still popular not only thanks to school textbooks. They are put on music, they are sung by modern performers and listen to millions of people.

About my favorite poet, after all, he can best tell himself, his voice. So read his poems!

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My favorite poet