Dialogue with the sister about the origin of the word “school”

Many words, like people, like to travel. The word does not sit still, so it wanders from country to country, like a bird, flies across borders, swims across the seas and oceans. And during a long journey the word sometimes changes so much that it becomes completely different from itself. Every person has his own happy time of discovery. It happened to me. I learned a lot of words, which until then had been known to me, but far and far away. And my sister helped me in this. Once she said:

-I can not wait to share very interesting information with you.

-What? I asked.

-We often use words intelligible to everyone: “school”, “lyceum”, “gymnasium”, “academy”, “symposium”, but never thought about their origin. It turns out that they all came to us from ancient Greece! Imagine how many centuries have passed, and the words still live!

-Now, but I always used the word “lyceum”, for example, to

associate with A. S. Pushkin, whose adolescent years passed in the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. If the words came from ancient Greece, what are their names associated with their appearance and who initiated the creation of educational institutions?

-The word “academy”, for example, was invented by Plato in honor of the legendary hero Academ, and “lyceum” – by Aristotle in honor of the god of Lycos. And do you know what the word “school” in the ancient Greek meant?


-You will not believe! This word meant “rest”, “leisure”.

-Can not be!

-Can. It turns out that in ancient Greece, a holiday and a holiday was considered a visit to a school where they learned to learn the truth, enrich the mind and soul with knowledge, and talk. The Greeks had a special conversation. Similarly, while walking and chatting, they got knowledge in the Lyceum, which was founded by the great philosopher Aristotle in Athens, and at the academy.

I would love to study at such a school, academy or lyceum! You do not need to sit at your desks, make notes

in notebooks! And how did the Greeks get knowledge in the gymnasiums?

-The gymnasium was very different from the school, the lyceum, the academy, because in it the children attained physical perfection, and not mental: they were trained in wrestling and gymnastics, riding. And you do not know if symposiums are held in our time and what does this word mean?

Symposiums, if memory serves me, are scientific conferences that take place at the desk or in large auditoriums. I think that they are held now.

-And in ancient Greece, feasting conversations, which were called “symposiums,” were arranged on daily dinners with friends and students.

-You would never have believed that once educational institutions were a holiday for people!

Learning from my sister a lot of new and interesting things about words, I realized that every word has history.

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Dialogue with the sister about the origin of the word “school”