“My favorite art form” composition

Perhaps one of the most expressive arts is painting. How much can be transferred by one right stroke, chosen paint or play of light! What a wide range of colors is present in every picture!

When we get to the museum of fine arts or to the gallery, probably everyone has a feeling of being in some mysterious world. It seems that all the portraits here are talking, and the people drawn on them are just about to step directly to you from the frame. We pass further and clearly hear the singing of birds from any landscape and even try to guess what the bird is singing. We get into the hall of the seascapes, and the rumor is caressed by the coastal wave, and sometimes the noise of the storm blocks all the sounds in our head.

Painting is not just art. This is a way of expressing one’s emotions, expressing a protest, an opportunity to express all that is painful. That is why painting is considered a medical kind of art. In the modern world, there are many methods aimed at combating stress and depression, all kinds of personality disorders, as well as psychosomatic diseases.

Personally, I was greatly impressed by Ivan Aivazovsky’s painting “The Ninth Wave”. Never and in no other picture have I seen so terrifying and at the same time incredibly beautiful natural power. A huge wave that is about to rise and crush everything in its path, and insignificantly small compared with her boat. Looking at this canvas, I realized how great nature is, and how small we are in comparison with its forces.

Thus, we see that painting is truly unique in its kind of art. Masterpieces of fine art make you think, develop the creative vein of a person, influence his worldview and inner peace.

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“My favorite art form” composition