Student life

Student life is the most beautiful time. It is the student’s years that are most interesting and unforgettable. This time is filled with romance, carelessness.

Student life brings a lot of joy. First a person is happy when he finds out that he has become a student, then new acquaintances and friends. From session to session, students live happily. And how much more is still to be experienced.

Every person has good memories of student life. How to prepare for the session, how it was handed over, and as it was later noted. As there was not enough scholarship, how they collected money for a pack of pasta. How they gathered in the evening and sang a song to the guitar, how they glued wallpaper in their room, how they went camping.

Codes recall all the best. The most interesting life is for those who live in a student hostel. How many friends and acquaintances there are. Particularly interesting time on the night before the exam, when the windows are opened, the student’s pinnacles tied to the rope are thrown out and accompanied by the spells “Freebie come”. The spell needs to be shouted loudly. This is a special magic ritual, with which students must necessarily pass the exam for a positive evaluation. And every student believes in it.

Everyone who was a student can remember many interesting stories from student life, because this is the most interesting time.

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Student life