My family traditions

At me very big and amicable family – mum, the daddy, I and grandmothers with the grandfathers. In our family for all time there were many traditions, which every time help us to become even friendlier and happier.

One of such traditions is a joint dinner on Saturdays, for which our whole family gathers in full force. For this dinner is always put the table in the center of the kitchen, around which we all sit down, eat tasty homemade food, which we cook with my mother and share everything that happened for each of us during this time. These are very warm family moments, when everyone can share their problems and hear the words of support, and if someone has something good, then the whole family will certainly be pleased with it.

Another tradition of the family is the joint celebration of the New Year. On this day, too, we all gather together at the same table. Each of us gives each other good gifts, wishes each other happiness, health and good luck and of course,

exactly at 12 am make up a wish for chimes. This moment always seems to me especially magical. And we do not leave other holidays without attention, because each of them is an extra reason to congratulate the household members, to tell them the words of love, to pay attention.

Another tradition of our family is the trip of me, mom and dad in the summer to the sea. For me, this is the happiest time. After all, at the sea, I can not only have plenty to swim, ride a banana, sunbathe under the sun and build with my parents sand castles, but also admire the beautiful sunsets and sunrises with them, walk around the Crimean mountains and just talk about everything in the world. And if it turns out that we do not get to the sea, then in the summer we always go to the beach and have picnics, to which all our friends are invited. And then surely no one is bored, and the day is filled with joy, laughter and fun!

But the most important tradition of my family is to be always together, any trouble to meet together, always keep each other and in case of quarrel, go to put up as soon as possible.

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My family traditions