“I want to become a journalist” composition

The choice of profession for many people is one of the most difficult. In this they see their own well-being and confidence in the future. Indeed, this is an important issue, because you need to weigh your talents, aspirations. A profession should benefit society and ennoble a person by giving him satisfaction. But back in the fifth grade, I realized that my dream was to be a journalist. Why do I want to become one? And what do I do to make my dream come true?

Once I saw a report from the scene in the news program. It was clear that the journalist was preparing him in very difficult conditions. At first he extracted information, plunged into the thick of events, then he had to clearly convey this to his listener. And if he has a limited vocabulary, or he is not prepared for something unexpected to happen, while he should remain calm and unperturbed, his performance in front of the camera will be in jeopardy. This impressed me greatly. Indeed, in our information age the journalist is always at the service of people.

The dream of becoming journalists began to gradually form me. With those shortcomings that I suffered in myself, I began to fight in stages. For example, it was always difficult for me to give a speech in front of an audience. But, thanks to my firm determination to be a reporter, I developed confidence through good training and psychological training. Reading many books, I began to notice that my vocabulary is replenished.

Now I know that dreams come true, you need to make efforts, and have the right motives. For me, the impetus is what I want to give, I’m not comfortable with the passive position in front of the TV or monitor. I want to tell myself, sharing what I just found out. Thus, it seems to me that the journalist influences the process, being an intermediary between the public and individual events or personalities.

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“I want to become a journalist” composition