Biography of Joseph Addison

Addison Joseph is an English essayist, poet and statesman.

He was educated at Charterhouse, where he was a classmate of Richard Steele, as well as in Oxford, where he became a respected classical scientist. His travels to the continent from 1699 to 1703 were recorded in “Notes in Italy”. Edison first achieved fame through the product “Campaign”, the epic poem celebrates the victory at Marlborough in Blenheim. The poem was commissioned by Lord Halifax, and as a result of Edison’s great success, he was appointed to public office in 1705, and already in 1709 he worked as secretary to the lieutenant of Ireland. He also took place in Parliament from 1708 until his death.

Addison of the most enduring fame reached as an essayist. In this brief biography of Addison Joseph, one can also note the year 1710 when he began his contribution to Tatler, which was founded by Richard Steele in 1709. He continued to write for subsequent publications, including

the works of The Spectator, The Guardian, and the new “Spectator”. His contribution to these publications is an essay in English, in which he calls for a struggle with a fairly impressive degree of technical perfection that has never before reached such limits.

In prose, his style is characterized by simplicity, order and accuracy, he sought to attract as many people as possible in order to find the basis for such philosophical principles as the sense of proportion and harmony of life. His works also include the libretto of the opera: “Rosamund”; the prose comedy “The Drummer” and the neo-classical tragedy “Kato”, which brought the author a huge success at the time, but has since been regarded as artificial and moralizing. The most famous Addison Joseph was in his last years of life. In 1717 he served as state secretary of the states, and the following year he resigned. In the period from 1714 to 1719, Addison Joseph suffered a cardinal health decline, allegedly because of an unhappy marriage, and the break of his relationship with a good friend Richard Steele.

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Biography of Joseph Addison