My Mother’s Day

My mom’s day starts early in the morning. Before waking us up with Dad, she cooks breakfast. Surprisingly, every day she tries to make something new. We wake up from the smells that hover in the air. After we have breakfast, each of us starts to get ready for work or study.

My mother works as a teacher at school. She teaches Russian language and literature. In addition, she has a classy leadership. She constantly comes up with various activities for the class hour, tries to bring her students closer. For this they are very respected and loved.

During the day, my mother at work, there are meetings, pedagogical advice. It just may seem that the work of the teacher consists only in conducting classes. After the pupils are scattered to their homes, Mom will have to check out the notebooks, prepare for tomorrow’s school day.

In the evening, Mom comes home. Of course, she is very tired for the whole day at work. Therefore, my father and I try to take some of the household chores on ourselves, so that at least a little to unload it and give it a rest. For this Mom is very grateful to us. But no matter how much Mom is tired at work, she always tries to find time to ask Dad and me about how our day went. I really love these conversations in a cozy atmosphere during dinner.

When I go to bed, my mother always comes up and kisses me, and wishes good night. Mom goes to bed later than everyone, only after he remakes all the things planned. Only on weekends she can afford to relax a little. We go for a walk in the park or visit. I really love my mother, because she is very kind and affectionate.

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My Mother’s Day