Composition on the theme of money

Once there was a problem in front of a man. How to measure the values ​​of the material world? How to evaluate the labor and value of a person’s contribution to the general welfare? Then man invented money.

Like most human inventions, money is a great good and evil at the same time. First consider their positive features. With money, a person can provide for himself with housing, food, clothing and other necessary things. He does not need to do everything himself. So, the programmer does his job, which he likes, and clothes and food he buys from a tailor and a cook.

When a person has a lot of money, he also has many opportunities: traveling, studying in the best universities, improving his appearance with the help of plastic surgery, etc.

Precisely because money provides numerous needs, many decide that only money is needed for life. And they devote their lives to material values. Money gradually overshadows their mind. We need to earn more, work without

rest. But there is an opportunity to “peel” the neighbor! We must take this opportunity, it’s so profitable!

A person for money sometimes becomes capable of a crime capable of risking health, happiness, freedom for money. And family, love, friendship, kindness, mutual understanding with surrounding people – all this is put aside. Or even rejected. You ask: why? Answer: yes, money is desperately needed! I want to buy it, that’s it. After all, all have it! Or, on the contrary, nobody has this yet.

Now ask the person who lost health or is in prison because of money, whether the money was worth their loss. He will say: no, but then I did not think about it.

People forget that money is good when they serve a person, and not vice versa. Money should be for a person, not a person for money! There is not only one material world. There is also a world of spiritual values. The world of kindness, faith, moral principles, love and respect for others. And I believe that these two worlds are equivalent. It is impossible to live without money in society. But to concentrate on money alone,

greedy to row them at any cost is like cutting off one’s own hand or deliberately shortening one’s life by half.

Mankind has been using money for a long time. Money was invented in order to pay for paid labor for the right product.

Every person has his own attitude towards money. For some, money is an indicator of well-being and getting all the benefits of life. For others – a means to survive. But everyone earns money that he can do, but spends them on what he needs for life: food, clothing, entertainment, hobbies and more.

There are people who believe that money can be measured by everything, and for them the amount of cash is an indicator of a person’s success. They are trying to buy branded things, because it is now at the peak of popularity, or because you really want to have something that others do not have. There is no limit to fantasy and the whims of rich people. and such people can not always understand people who are less well off financially, but are richer spiritually, people who can spend the last money to make a pleasant surprise to a loved one or buy a ticket to a concert of their favorite artist.

Money is invented by a person so that they help him to live, and not to make a person become a slave of money. Unfortunately, money can not exist in today’s world. Perhaps, only in some distant tribe, divorced from civilization. Sometimes people go for much money for money: a crime, a deception or a heroic deed.

But it’s not enough to have money, you need to be able to spend it correctly. There are people who do not know how to manage money and waste it for their own pleasure, not knowing that these finances are earned by hard work. Such people can constantly get into debt, and this infringes on themselves and their relatives in a full-fledged existence.

Also there are wealthy people who believe that with the help of money you can get everything, and they are not interested in what and how will be done to ensure that they “provided” their whim.

If a person has ever faced a financial need, then this can have a different effect on his life. One is a lifelong lesson, and they are eager to work so hard to provide for themselves and their families, for others it is a push to become more aggressive and revenge for all their financial failures.

Money can serve both for the good and to the detriment of man. You need to learn to treat money as a means of existence, and not as the goal of your whole life and do not forget that there is still spiritual wealth in the world. Money must serve a person, not vice versa.

Money and their importance in human life. For all people, money is very important. The availability of funds is a kind of independence, freedom of choice. You can choose almost everything and the more money a person has, the better his choice. With the help of wealth, one can improve living conditions and rise to a new social level.

Money is a kind of energy that a person needs for self-realization. But with all the advantages of material prosperity, money is still only a means of payment. It is impossible to buy truly important human values, such as health and sincere feelings. People for the sake of material gain can go even to a crime.

If initially, money was invented as an alternative to commodity exchange, today they are presented as a means of interpersonal communication. Mankind has become a slave who does not see anything except how to make the most money possible. Thoughts about their insufficient number constantly depress the thoughts and soul of a person. Over time, reflections on enrichment are firmly fixed in the life of the individual and psychological dependence begins.

I believe that such excessive love will not lead to anything good. A person should have as much money as he would have enough for a normal life, and not just for existence. Money earned in youth and maturity must ensure a comfortable life in old age. People began to forget that money should serve people, and not vice versa. The essence of life on earth is not only in material prosperity, but also in spirituality. I can not say that one of these values ​​prevails, however, today it is impossible to live without money, as everything in the world needs to be paid and one can not live without kindness, morality, love for one’s neighbor and faith.

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Composition on the theme of money