Writing why you need to play sports

The benefits of sports lessons for the human body have been said a lot, and every child from the earliest years of his life is perfectly aware of the need for health-improving physical education.

Sport is an interesting, fascinating activity that not only strengthens the muscles and will of a person, but also gives him excitement, the spirit of fair competition and a confident desire for victory. These feelings are very helpful not only in sports achievements, but also in ordinary life. Getting used to winning in sports, a person intelligently endures the same approach to his studies, career, daily work. Constantly engaged in sports, a person changes for the better, his character strengthens, becomes more purposeful and firm.

Equally important is the resistance to various diseases, even during the harshest winter colds and seasonal epidemics of colds, flu, and tonsillitis. The organism, accustomed to regular stresses, is seriously tempered, and no diseases are any longer

afraid of him.

However, independent, amateur physical education, despite the low performance indicators, still, favorably differ from what is now called a “big” sport. Alas, in our time, much is said about the corruption and unprincipledness of the judges, about the previously known results of certain competitions, about the struggle for entertainment and high rating of the programs due to the health and honesty of the athletes themselves.

Such information, unfortunately, is often reliable. As a result – the use of extremely harmful to the body drugs that increase the level of activity, nervous breakdowns of athletes, on which the main rate and other unacceptable phenomena are made. And, in spite of the fact that each child, when entering a sports club, hopes to become a champion someday, it is worth to seriously think about how dangerous the risk of fulfilling such a dream may be.

That is why physical education and sports at home or amateur sections can be considered much more useful for health than the so-called “big” professional sport. Regular, methodical exercises

in the gym, at home or in the open air will preserve not only the elasticity of the muscles and endurance, but also have a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person, giving him peace of mind, enjoying his own strength and invariably good mood. And the question is, do you have to do sports at all, when there are so many other entertainments in the world, there is only one, the only correct answer: “Yes!”. And this conviction should grow stronger and develop in every modern family, encouraging active activities and a healthy lifestyle at any age.

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Writing why you need to play sports