Is it easy to be a Man?

Every person ever asks himself this uneasy question: is it easy to be a Man? And usually this issue does not arise during periods of happiness and joy, but in the moments of choosing the way forward, when solving complex problems and issues.

First of all, we need to decide: what do we put in the concept of “Man”? Probably, these are some specific qualities that bring the average person closer to the ideal, help him to overcome difficulties adequately, engage in self-development, help others, educate children. These qualities are many, we all know them perfectly: honesty before themselves, a sense of duty, the ability to take responsibility for their actions, friendliness, dedication and many others.

Only the inner power accumulated by man throughout his life helps him in the most difficult moments to make the right choice, to remain a Man, to act conscientiously. And each one derives its strength from its source. For someone, strength is in knowledge. Such people

are confident in the power of science and technology, they are striving to learn something new, information for them is life. Some people draw strength in faith, in religion. They know that no matter what happens, their God will help them, support them, tell them. Others seek answers to questions, dissolving in human relationships, trying to get to the root cause of deeds and misdemeanors, experimenting with their own and others’ feelings. And they are all right in their own way, because all people are different.

It seems to me that the criterion of the actions of this person is his conscience, that is, those moral and moral laws that are invested in the person by his parents and society, and also brought up by himself. Anyone can be deceived by a man, except his conscience. As a formidable guardian, she stands on the threshold of our actions and approves them or censures them. So, to live in harmony with the conscience – to be a Man? But this guardian must first grow, educate: conscience is not given to us from birth, the same for everyone!

Then, maybe, the person is the one who lives by

the principle of “help others”? A person for whom the first place is humanity, humanity, perhaps even self-sacrifice? Such a person will not be characterized by pride, ambition, or boasting, he will gladly give, without demanding anything in return. But here, too, everything is not so simple. You can not embrace the immensity, it is impossible to help everyone and save everyone, and not everyone needs help, an individual approach is important here.

I tend to think that being a man is just being a person, striving for something and losing something, learning new things, helping others, not being afraid to make choices, to live in harmony with conscience. After all, everyone has his own way to perfection.

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Is it easy to be a Man?