I want to become a teacher

I want to become a teacher

Finishing school, millions of young people begin an independent life. They can start working, doing business or continuing their studies to get a higher education. Almost every Russian city has one or more institutions. In Moscow and St. Petersburg. look whole

I often dream of my future: what will it be like? It is necessary to study hard and hard to become a sea captain. I am now preparing for this profession: I study the map, read the literature about the great navigators and geographical discoveries. My favorite. look whole

Someone may say: it’s too early to think about it, much will change, much more you can dream. I do not agree with this. Choosing a profession, a person plans all his subsequent life. Of course, the profession can be changed, but it is often connected.

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My mother often asks me – who do I want to be? I know the answer to this question, I have already decided on a choice, but I do not tell my mother. Why? Because I want to be a racing driver, like Schumacher! And I do not tell my mother, because it’s on her side. She will be constantly. look whole

Like all children, the answer to the question of adults “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” I changed almost every day: when I was little, I wanted to be both a ballerina, an actress, and a doctor. In the junior classes, probably through the children’s affection for the first. look whole

In recent years, girls have almost disappeared interest in needlework, sewing. It’s a pity! It is so wonderful and interesting to sew beautiful, comfortable and modern clothes for people. And this clothes turns out to be individual, special, if the master sews it to you, because. look whole

Сия 2 A doctor is one of the long-established and revered professions. People have always honored and cherished those who could save them from pain and cure them of disease. In the Russian works of the doctor always took a special place. They are very colorful, they are described. look whole

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I want to become a teacher