My future profession is a policeman

Graduates have to make a difficult choice, determined by who they want to become in the future. I made my life choice and I dream of becoming an investigator. The service, which dealt with the protection of order, appeared a very long time ago. For example, in ancient Egypt there were special units of city guards, which ensured that no one robbed or killed the townspeople. In the XVIII-XIX centuries, regular police appeared in many large cities of the world, which was kept at public expense.

The profession of the investigator is very interesting, although difficult. The representative of this profession should be an excellent psychologist, because he constantly has to face difficult life situations. Sometimes a person only needs advice, and the policeman should be able to give it. In addition, considerable importance is played by physical training, possession of self-defense techniques and the ability to shoot.

My choice of the future profession was influenced by a meeting

with the police officers who conducted a whole conference at our school. Then the police not only talked about the basics of their work, but also showed something. The lieutenant showed how you can repel an unexpected attack. After that, he invited several youngsters to the stage and easily put them all on his shoulder blades.

Day and night, in extreme heat and severe cold policemen must carry out their official duties. And sometimes the situation develops in such a way that there is simply no one to turn to for help.

The most difficult I consider the work of a criminal investigation officer. On their shoulders lies a huge work: inspection of the scene, searches and seizures, interrogations and confrontations. And also the difficult daily and night duty.

Now on TV show a few “police” series. Some of them I like a little more, others – less. It’s not easy to work in the police now, but I’m sure that I will manage it. It’s good when professional choice was made in his youth. After all, then the life road seems more direct, and it is much easier to walk along it.

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My future profession is a policeman