“I’m in 20 years” composition

Who will I be in 20 years… Who will I be in the future? What will happen to me? With my life? Now in our teenage, turning into an adult age everything seems simple, calm. After all, we have everything: family, friends, attention, love, care of loved ones, and it seems to us that it will always be so… And will it?

Now that we are on the verge of choosing our future, on the threshold of a new life, adult and independent, we do not know what to do. We are in difficulty and in meditation. “What do I want out of life?” – Now every high school student thinks about it. Indeed, indeed, every year we see the real world more clearly, we begin to understand that everything is not so easy. And on the one hand, it’s scary, something scares, repels, and on the other hand, we want it, we want to make mistakes and learn from them, we want to grow up, no matter how foolish it may sound, we want to plunge into this adult life with its problems.

So, we

need to choose what to do next, and to make a choice, we need to imagine the very life that you dream about. Who do I want to be? What do I want from life? I do not like to make a guess! After all, you will agree: life is unpredictable, and personally I like to take surprises of fate, whatever they are. We need them, otherwise everything around will become too boring and life will not be so colorful. And we should appreciate this world and everything around us. Sitting in the office, at home or just walking down the street, observe the surroundings. You will see that there are many interesting things around. Learn to enjoy them, enjoy the moment. This is important, especially in our time.

So what future do I see for myself, for everything around me? I know for sure that I will have a family, not just children and husband, but a true family: with love, understanding, real support, tranquility and at the same time boundless joy, even with some kind of domestic quarrels, because without them people can not live. so it is wound up. There will be kiddies, at least two. Without pretense, children are really fun.


think I will continue to dance. Of course, in the future it will go to second place after family and work, but I do not want to forget this part of my life. Now for me, dancing is very important, I hope, in 20 years, and maybe earlier, what I really want, I will translate my dreams. I will open a school, I will also transfer my knowledge to others, and I will discover for myself new possibilities of my body. I will work exactly where I will be comfortable, interesting. I am such a person that I want to change some moments in the life of our society, to do something better. I think, and my work will be somehow connected with such activity.

What will happen in 20 years? Yes, I’m sure there will be a lot of things: travel, new views, thoughts. I hope that in 20 years and 50 years later I will also be happy with everything that exists. I will definitely find myself in some useful business and will benefit our vast country. I think each of us is thinking about our future, making plans, but whether everything will be as we want, or not, no one knows. Only time will tell, will put everything in its place!

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“I’m in 20 years” composition