Summary “Guardian Angel” Astafyev

Summary “Guardian Angel” Astafyev

The village where Vitya lived lived in 1933 was crushed by famine. The pigeons disappeared, the bands of boys and dogs were quiet. People got their food as they could. Hunters went to the taiga to catch the beast. However, he went into the depths of the forest, away from hunger. Only the most experienced and skillful hunters returned with prey. They divided the meat into the whole village. People went to the city to hand their things and gold to Torgsin.

The Vitya family

My grandmother was the head of the family. She was enterprising in business and resourceful on the farm. Grandmother called the peasants of her household – grandfather, Vitya and son Kolchu the younger. Soon, this cousin Vitya Aleshka joined the company. His mother, Augusta’s aunt, moved from logging

to the Ust-Mansky rafting site. Here the woman was promised a ration. However, it soon became clear that this ration would not be able to feed the family. The contents of the old grandmother’s trunk went into action. Of all the wealth that was in the house, after a while only the sewing machine “Singer” remained. Nobody wanted to buy it. The family was forced to eat chaff, potato peelings and other rubbish.

The story of Victor Petrovich (short summary) continues with heavy trials. Astafyev (Guardian Angel) shows us that his heroes do not surrender even when death approaches their home.

Vitya’s disease and sale of mother’s earrings

The boy Vitya was weak. He suffered from rheumatism and fever. Soon, Viti’s legs completely stopped holding him. Having eaten frozen potatoes, he almost died. Then my grandmother decided to sell the gold earrings. They were the only memory left of Vitya’s mother, who drowned about a year ago. Kolche-junior was instructed to take this treasure to Torgsin. He blamed himself for the death of his sister, since it was he who ruled the boat the day she died. Therefore, Kolcha – Junior tried to pamper Vitya. Returning from the city, he brought a bottle of hemp oil, a pood of flour and some money.

What does Astafyev tell us next? “Guardian

Angel” – a work that has not a hopeless ending. You will see this by reading the summary.

Guys are sent to work, fake bread

Kolcha – Jr. decided to go to rich villages to work. They were in the upper Yenisei. I found a job and my grandfather – he was hired to saw wood in the village council. However, the food soon came to an end again. Taking the money earned by her grandfather, who was weakened by hunger, Grandma Viti went to the city. She brought from there a huge loaf, which turned out to be false – made of chaff. Grandmother gave a voice and wailed, and then took out a small puppy from behind her bosom – he was left to die in the cold.

Puppy Ball and improvement

This puppy was called a ball. He brought luck to Vitya’s family, as Astafiev VP (“Guardian Angel”) notes. The same evening Kolcha, the youngest, returned with gifts and money. So the family held out until the spring. True, my grandmother had to sell a sewing machine to buy a sack of potatoes for sowing. Kolcha – junior married in the spring for the second time. He worked with his wife, the laughter Nyura, on the sowing campaign. For this they received a little vita. Safely royalsya grandmother’s cow. Alyoshka was taken away by her mother, who had become a drummer. From her increased ration now fell and grandmother with the men. Gradually, the financial situation in the family becomes less severe, which shows us Astafiev.

Guardian Angel Family

Grandmother was in constant confrontation with Sharik – the puppy began to urinate on a broom, drink cat milk and chase chickens. Despite Sharik’s leprosy, she always called the puppy the guardian angel of the family.

This concludes this work with a brief summary. Astafyev (“guardian angel”), on the example of one family, showed the hard life of people forced to fight hunger. His heroes do not give up, no matter what. They try to cope with all the problems and do not lose heart.

We hope that you wanted to get acquainted with the original by reading the summary. Astafyev (“Guardian Angel”) highlighted the problem of the physical and spiritual survival of people caught up in terrible reality. This topic is certainly very important. It was raised in their works by many authors, including Astafyev (“Guardian Angel”). The main characters honor all the tests with honor and deserve a reward. It is not only food and money, but also the guardian angel of the family.

Summary “Guardian Angel” Astafyev