The story of my family

The happiness of each person lies in his family. If he does not have a family, then in life he is not completely happy. My family consists of three people: Mom, Dad and I. And the story of my family started with the fact that in the distant year 1966 my grandfather, on the father’s line, was called up for active military service from Ukraine to our city.

He served as the commander of a platoon of a communications company, provided flights with communications. His first impression of the Siberian winter was formed when he went to the platform from the car and he was greeted by a fifty-degree frosty frost and fog. He felt such frost for the first time in his life! A few months later, when he settled down, his wife, my grandmother, came to him from Ukraine. She got a job as a mathematics teacher in school number 13 and worked there for 6 years, and then at school number 20 – 30 years. The students considered her to be a fair teacher, since she won seven times in this

nomination. After a while they had a first son – my father.

He studied well, was engaged in the section of football, often went to competitions in other cities of Russia. Therefore I entered the faculty of physical culture in Krasnoyarsk. He worked as a physical education teacher in the schools of the city of Kansk, and in the early 90s left this profession. And my mother’s parents were already living in Kansk at that time. In the year 1937, in Achinsk, a cement plant was built, and new working cadres were required, and then the young ones, grandfather and grandmother went there to work. After a while my mother was born in Achinsk. Later my mother’s parents returned to Kansk. My mother finished ten grades and entered the technical college in the accounting department.

After graduating from technical school, she got a job at the Department of Education of the city of Kansk, where she still works. One day my parents met each other at a disco, and soon they got married. So a new family was formed – a unit of society. A year after the wedding, I was born. Now I’m thirteen years old, I’m in seventh grade. In our spare time we like to be together. We try to spend our leisure time in nature, going to the river, lake or in the forest, and that’s why I love my family.

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The story of my family