I am a Russian citizen

In my opinion, a citizen is first of all a person who is not indifferent, knows. loving his homeland and appreciating the cultural heritage of his ancestors. I am sure that without the past there is no present and future.

Not remembering the past is a crime against the historical and cultural heritage of Russia. After all, the state is strong not only with its military and economic might, but also with respect for the achievements of our ancestors, the preservation of traditions and unique monuments, the memory of important events and outstanding personalities.

My generation must know the history of its people, feel and cherish the fragile connection of times. Otherwise, I’m sure, our whole earth will turn into a mirage, into a ghost.

One should not call for patriotism, but instill it from childhood, starting with a small one: love for one’s family, birthplace, home. The key to respect, understanding of true values, in my opinion, is the knowledge of

native history.

Love for the Motherland can not appear suddenly, because someone ordered. This feeling grows and strengthens throughout the life of a person. Its origins are in respect, awe-inspiring attitude towards the place where he was born. grew up, to your home, people who raised you.

As a child, each of us should begin to study the history of the Fatherland. Then we will not have abandoned old people, ancient monuments decaying, dilapidated buildings of great architects of the past, forgotten books and dying folk crafts.

Not knowing the past, you can not love the present, think about the future. “The tree is strongly rooted,” says the proverb. Our roots are our past, history and national culture. Without them, the tree can not live, they keep it in the soil and nourish it.

Without knowing or forgetting our great history, we can lose our national dignity, national identity. Those who do not appreciate the culture of their country can not respect the great achievements of other nations. I think that a person brought up outside the traditions of his own culture does not have a future, no matter which country he chooses to live in. This can not be a patriot of his homeland, he is indifferent to her present, he does not care for her future.

Crises and shocks are hard lessons in history, but we need to learn them so as not to repeat them again. We must always remember our past and be proud of it, whatever it may be. The achievements of our ancestors give us hope that our own work will lead Russia to long-awaited prosperity.

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I am a Russian citizen