A story about a literary hero

After reading the story of Valentin Rasputin, I realized that I had not read anything like this. What an interesting and paradoxical work! Prior to this came moralizing stories, where everything is clear and clear: who is good, who is bad. And here everything is mixed. Kind, smart, talented guy, and plays for money. But it is necessary for him to survive in the hungry post-war years (“I will only win the ruble.” I buy milk. “).

Teacher, teacher, educator plays with his students for money. What is this: a crime or an act of kindness and charity? Definitely you will not answer. Life is much more difficult to set tasks than a person can solve. And there is only white and black, good and bad. The world is multicolored, there are tons of shades in it.

Lydia Mikhailovna is an unusually kind and sympathetic person. She tried all the “honest” ways to help her talented student: she wanted to feed her accidentally, saying that she had left for dinner,

and sent the parcel, but she did not want “our hero” to receive help. He considers it humiliating for himself, but he does not refuse to earn, And then the teacher consciously goes to “crime” from the point of view of pedagogy, plays with him for money.

Lidia Mikhailovna knows for sure that he will beat her, get “his cherished ruble, buy milk,” which is so necessary for him. So it turns out that this is not a “crime” at all, but a good deed. Why did the headmaster understand nothing? Most likely, Lydia Mikhailovna did not explain, justify, she has pride. Three days later, Lidia Mikhailovna left. The day before, she met me after school and led me home.

“I’ll go to my place in the Kuban,” she said, saying goodbye. “And you study calmly, no one will touch you for this stupid case.” It’s my fault.

In the winter, after the January holidays, I received a parcel by mail. in it were pasta and three red apples. I used to see only in the picture, but I guessed that it was them. “

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A story about a literary hero