Happy day of my life

Hey, cat, without you, I’m not cute!
In my soul you will remain forever.
You awaken tenderness in a person.
Parvin Etessami

As a child, I dreamed of having a pet, but my parents all objected. And the happy day of my life was the one when I finally persuaded them to take a small fluffy animal. This day, probably, I will never forget! As I was preparing, I was waiting for the arrival of a new member of the family! And when I saw this creature, I was ecstatic: something looked shrewd to me with yellow eyes as large as saucers. Since that day, I have settled a kitty. Over time, she turned into a beautiful adult cat, became a mother, a grandmother. Now I look at her grandchildren living in the neighborhood, and I remember their grandmother in my childhood. Although she is already an adult, it does not matter when she plays, rushes around the apartment, chases after a toy mouse. He likes to jump high, asks to play with her: he sits near the door and meows,

he looks at me, then at the door. Hence,

Each animal, like a person, has a different character. The nature of my favorite is flexible, she is intelligent, easy to learn, curious. When the bath is filled with water, it sits on the grate and looks for a long time at the water, as if trying to understand something. She has one wonderful quality – she is very sensitive. If he hears the conversation on high tones, instantly rushes, stops at the doorstep and carefully evaluates the situation. Having determined the “aggressor”, runs up to him and slightly bites his leg.

Let them say that a man’s friend is a dog, but I’m sure that my cat is the best friend who will never leave me in trouble, will defend with all his strength and rejoice with me. In communicating with me, she shows those feelings that I vainly expected from many people: devotion, disinterested love, immense gratitude only for the very fact of my existence.

My cat almost did not change outwardly. Sometimes we sit together with her and start remembering the day when we first met. Maybe I remember it only? And she thinks about her? But in her eyes I see attention and care.

Every year we celebrate the day of our meeting. I certainly treat her with something delicious. This year we celebrated this day for the sixth time.

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Happy day of my life