This is a student!

At home, I always get up early, prepare my own breakfast, go for a walk with a dog. When I return from the morning walk, parents usually already get up, and life begins to boil at home.

Today I got up even a little earlier than usual – the alarm clock still did not have time to ring. I had breakfast, called Jack, and we went for a walk. Going out, I was very surprised. The roads were deserted – there were almost no passers-by. Around there was such silence, as if the city had died out. It was very strange.

When I came home from the walk, my parents were still fast asleep. This I was even more surprised, because they had to get ready for work.

I fed Jack, packed my school backpack and went to school. You can not say that people in the streets increased. Even the school yard was empty and silent – no one ran, did not make noise, did not quarrel, as if the bell had already rang, and everyone had gone to classes. But I knew for sure that I was not late.

There was one San Sanych in the school, our watchman. He met me on the threshold and raised his glasses with surprise. And then he asked: what happened? And then I remembered that today is Saturday, a day off!

San Sanych and I laughed at my absent-mindedness, and I went home. I felt like a hero of an old joke. How did this happen?

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This is a student!