How I understand the word freedom

Man always at all times strove for freedom. Only understanding the freedom of all is different.

I think that freedom is, first of all, freedom from prejudice. Prejudice limits the ability of a person, since in most cases they are based on erroneous knowledge and conclusions.

Freedom is freedom of choice. A person should choose where to study and work, where to live.

Freedom is a rational law and a reasonable subordination to them. Laws should be based on respect for the individual. Fair laws provide a person with freedom.

Freedom is the freedom of speech, of the press, of thought. A person should have the right to think and speak what he thinks. Any opinion, even a mistake, deserves respect. There are no bad opinions, bad tastes. There are different.

Freedom is the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Prohibition of something we, teenagers, perceive as a restriction of freedom.

Today I have the right to choose my place of study, my favorite pastime, my friends. I can choose which book to read, which music to listen to. I’m not free from the opinions of others. And if I do not agree with the majority in some ways, it does not mean that I challenge. I want to establish myself as a person.

I understand that internal freedom is more important than physical freedom.

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How I understand the word freedom