Hunting for a hare

We were going to the road before dawn and hoped to reach the hunting place well in advance. Petya had to lock one house in punishment for the fact that he had jumped out the day before without asking for a lake and, assuming that it was frozen, skated on not yet solidified ice, but since the swimmer is useless, he hardly had to get to the floating one bridge, where he was waiting for dying comrades.

Instead of the guilty Petit Rostislav, who recently came to Rostov from Rostov and dreamed of creating something extraordinary, went with us. When he became aware that we were going to hunt, he immediately rushed to us from a neighboring village.

With a sinking heart, we made our way in our waterproof clothing on the shallow birch-tree, remembering that hares prefer deciduous forests only in the early autumn, and now they should lie in juniper thickets or spruce groves.

A true hunter does not climb into the thicket, but chooses glades, paths or glades. And when the forest

is located on mountainous slopes, the exit hills of the hare usually extend along the spurs of the main ravine. Like the whole forest creature, the bunny likes to walk on a sled, road, so the most accurate calculation is to lie in wait at the intersection of roads.

The late dawn broke out, the day was calm, the branches of the trees sparkled with hoarfrost. Infused with pink rays, snow combined with a water-blue sky seemed like a fairy tale of winter nature. It is not for nothing that the impressions of hunting always excite writers. I myself have experienced the great joy of associating with this incomparable beauty.

Finally the dogs managed to raise the hare. The hunters hurriedly equaled and drove the hare in our direction. I was burning with a desire to excel and dreamed that the hare jumped out on me. And all of a sudden I really saw an old hare who jumped, pressing his ears tightly. After my shot, the rabbit tumbled twice and, jumping once more to the level of the bush, fell down dead.

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Hunting for a hare