How to teach a child to write an essay

Of course, not all children like the lessons of literature and the Russian language. Many literary characters seem too boring, the lessons themselves at school are monotonous and uninteresting. Much depends on the teacher, as he teaches the material, but the attitude of the child to the subject also has a tremendous value, first of all, on academic performance. Write essays child often: from the elementary to the final exam. Therefore, it makes sense to learn how to do it well and with success.

Always remind the child that before starting to write, he must build a work plan for himself. The work plan is necessary in order not to lose thought and correctly structure the text in accordance with the requirements that the teacher puts forward. Sometimes children just do not listen very attentively to the task, and then can not remember how to make out the text.

Never do work instead of a child. Let you write a composition is much easier than him, and it will take a little time.

Better let him sit on the task for three hours, but he will achieve a quality performance, than he gets used to what you will do for him. When a child has to reach the solution of a complex problem himself, this strengthens his faith in himself, forms a sense of responsibility and diligence.

Teach your child to start work always in the draft. Only after the draft version of the essay is viewed, it is verified, the errors are corrected and the style is edited, you can rewrite it. Of course, this will take extra time, but in the notebook the child will be much cleaner. The thought of writing straight away at a clean-up brings about a feeling of insecurity, nervousness, it prevents you from expressing thoughts freely, because the child internally is afraid of making a mistake and this prevents him from concentrating on the work being done.

In case the child experiences difficulties in writing the text, help him. But your help should consist only in that you will help him to build a sequence of steps that need to be taken to create a quality work.

Read more together with the child. Reading is closely

related to writing texts. Constantly seeing the elegant construction of phrases, the child will soon master the beautiful syllable. The great classics have much to learn! When the literature “pass” the whole class of a work, join this process: read together with the child, talk about the events taking place there, ask his opinion how he would act on the place of the hero.

Do not allow the child to write off and rewrite other people’s work. Now on sale there are many popular brochures “Ready homework”. But if a child, without thinking, simply rewrites what is stated there, he will not learn to think and reason independently.

Gradually, working on the syllable, the child will write more competently, accurately, become more disciplined. When he knows that no one else will perform the task for him, he will count only on his own strengths and capabilities.

Thus, in order to teach a child to write essays, one only needs to organize systematic work for him, constantly reading the works on which the works are written. Even if the child does not have sufficient literary abilities, he can write the text on the material he has read. It is very useful for a child to learn how to express his thoughts both aloud and in writing.

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How to teach a child to write an essay