How to read aloud?

Reading out loud is more difficult than it is for oneself. To do this well, we must learn, in my opinion, a few important rules.

First, you need to read expressively. For this, it is necessary to understand well what is at stake. It is also necessary to place accents, to observe pauses, to pronounce words clearly, not to “swallow” syllables and sounds, to choose the right intonation.

Secondly, reading aloud should be loud enough so that others can listen without tension. This is important, since a quiet voice does not always convey the right information.

Finally, you need to select an average tempo. Too fast reading does not allow listeners to understand all the venerated in full, too slow usually causes irritation.

Mimicry and gestures, if they correspond to the content of the text and partly illustrate it, may be helpful. Reading in this case is artistic and provokes a response from listeners. But if you are not sure about your acting abilities, it’s better not to take chances. Use intonation!

So reading aloud is not an easy task. But this does not mean that it is impossible to learn to read well out loud. It is only necessary, as in any case, to show diligence and patience. And all will turn out!

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How to read aloud?