Writing about my impressions

Summer is one of the most beloved times of the year for most people. Pupils are so sure everyone loves summer, because you do not need to go to school, sit in class and do homework. And the summer is my favorite season, because the heat, the sun shines, the day is much longer than the night. In summer, the most interesting, exciting and cheerful thing happens. You can go for a walk late and no one will scold, will not say that it’s too early to go to school.

The brightest impression of this summer for me was a trip to the sea. For the first time in my life I saw the sea in reality and close. From school they gave out permits for rest and my parents bought me. Moreover, almost all of our class went. It was very fun and exciting.

When we arrived, they took us to the seashore, it’s something unrepeatable. I will never forget this sight. A large beach, on which there are many, many people, that there is nowhere to pass, and then the sea. At first it is light blue,

and then, further and further it becomes darker and darker, and the end is not visible. Only a large horizon line that separated the sea and sky. And if the sky were the same color, then they would merge into one. At that moment I regretted that I was not an artist and did not paint. Such a spectacle must be imprinted. I photographed, but the photo is completely different.

Then we went to get into our rooms, eat lunch, learn the schedule and the like. And in the evening we were taken for a walk. This is another beauty. The whole city just glows like a Christmas tree. Everywhere plays music, laughter, rapturous screams and a colorful light that reaches out to the sky. Around the various animals and birds with which you can take pictures. Many people of different nationalities. It’s something magical.

The trip was wonderful, I rested very well, swam in the sea, saw many interesting and exciting. But the brightest moment to me forever is the view of the sea and the night tourist town.

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Writing about my impressions