What does it mean to be intelligent?

What is the intelligentsia? This concept implies a layer of the population, which is distinguished by active intellectual activity, engaged in creativity, develops in a cultural direction. Earlier, such people included poets, artists, sculptors.

I think that an intelligent is an educated person, able to use his knowledge and intellect. This is a person who is ready to come to the rescue, trying to make the atmosphere around him comfortable. An intellectual has such remarkable qualities as: being educated, gallant, educated, respectful, courteous, and compassionate. And such a person speaks beautifully, loves culture, often visits the theater, reads literature. He knows how to get along with people and get out of conflict situations, preserving dignity, not rude and rude to others.

The intellectual has an inner core, he is always full of dignity, nobility. Such a person is difficult to translate, it must be. His clothes are clean, neat, although not necessarily that new. He will never allow himself offensive statements, gossip, always give way, give a hand, offer help.

I confidently declare that intelligence is an unconscious state, everything comes from the heart. But, this quality can be developed independently. Remove from the lexicon rude words, jargon, start reading books, follow the speech, attend cultural events. Behave worthy even when no one sees. Become more tolerant of others. This is my concept of the intelligentsia.

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What does it mean to be intelligent?