Biography of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a Mongol khan, commander, founder and kagan of the Mongolian empire.

Genghis Khan was born in a tract near the upper reaches of the Onon River. In the biography of Genghis Khan, it was not possible to establish exactly the year of his birth, since different sources indicate different dates. After his father left his family, Temujin lived in extreme poverty. In the youth he married a girl named Borte.

Over time, Genghis Khan began to recruit people to his troops. Making attacks on the surrounding lands, Genghis Khan’s possessions increased. After several victories, the period came when he began organizing the horde’s administration apparatus. After one defeat, Genghis Khan began a war with the Tatars, for his successful actions he received the title of military commissar. The war with the Tatars lasted for several years, eventually Jamuqi was killed in 1205, Temuchin defeated many tribes.

1206 in the biography of Genghis Khan was marked

by the receipt of the title of the great khan over all the defeated tribes. Since then, Temucin began to be called Genghis Khan, and Mongolia was unified. The policy of Genghis Khan, both external and internal, the administrative structure of the state, was aimed at strengthening domination, as well as personal enrichment. Major reforms in the biography of Genghis Khan concerned military affairs.

Until 1211 he managed to capture Central Asia, Siberia. Then he attacked China, conquered several of his provinces, but in 1214 he left China, having concluded peace with the emperor, and then again began the war. In 1223 Genghis Khan attacked the Crimea, conquered the town of Surozh. Then there was a battle on the river Kalka, in which the prince’s forces of Rus were defeated. The Mongolian empire was considerably expanded. Destroying the Tangur state, Genghis Khan died in 1227.

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Biography of Genghis Khan