Summary “The Virgin Mary’s Walking by Flour”

The holy Mother of God wanted to pray to God, so that the archangel Michael told her about the heavenly and earthly flour. Then Michael came down from heaven and with him four hundred angels. The Virgin and the Archangel greeted each other. Archangel Michael said that not to list all the pains that exist. But the Virgin asked me to tell you about all the pains.

Angels appeared from the south, hell broke open, and the Mother of God saw a lot of tormented people. The archangel explained that these were pagans who idolized the forces of nature and idols. In another place the Theotokos saw a great darkness. By her command, the darkness dissipated – there were people who did not believe in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, his birth from the Mother of God. The Blessed One cried for the fate of sinners.

The angels took the Mother of God to the south. There she saw a fiery river, and in her – a lot of husbands and wives. They were people cursed by their parents, the

godfathers, who were at loggerheads with each other and committed fornication. Still there were cannibals and those who falsely swore, Kissing the cross. Then the Blessed One saw a man suspended from the legs – it was a usurer. And next to her was a woman suspended from teeth – she was a grumpy gossip girl.

Then the angelic armies led the holy Virgin to the north. There she saw red-hot benches in the middle of a fiery cloud. On them lay sinners, who during life were lazy to get up on Sundays for matins. On the pillars of fire stood those who did not stand up to meet the priests. A man was hanged by the arms and legs, who during his lifetime served in the church and sold the sacred vessels. Slanderers were hung for languages.

The angel showed the Virgin priests, suspended from the edge of the nails. They, while serving the liturgy, considered themselves worthy, and themselves carelessly treated the perviers. One husband tormented the winged serpent: this man read holy books, taught people, and he lived illegally.

The Virgin saw in hell patriarchs and bishops who were not worthy of their rank.

Then the angel showed her tormented women: during their lifetime they were prisests and after the death of their husbands once again married. Other women were also tormented by snakes and flames. They were nuns who indulged in fornication. Again I saw the Most Holy Fire River, and in it – like blood flowed. Among her waters there were many people – adulterers, thieves, pimps, slanderers, merciless princes, sable-lovers. The Virgin cried at the sight of these torments.

The angels led the Virgin to the left. There was a river of resin, and its waves were fiery. They tortured Jews who crucified Christ, as well as all the people who were baptized, but continued to believe in demons. There were incestuous, poisoners and child killers.

Then the archistratigus Michael led the Virgin to the fiery lake, where the Christians were tormented. They were baptized, but continued to do bad deeds and before they died did not have time to repent.

The Mother of God told the archstate that she wanted to accept the torment herself along with the sinners. But Michael said: “Be in paradise.” Then the Mother of God began to ask the angels to pray that the Lord would pardon the sinners. However, the angels prayed about it day and night. The Virgin asked that they lift her up to heaven’s heights, to the throne of God. She began to pray to God for the pardon of sinners. But the Lord did not fulfill her request. Then the Most Holy One called on the saints, and they began to pray with her. The Lord said that sinners should receive retribution.

Angels and saints fell prostrate before the throne of God. Then Christ descended from the throne, appeared to sinners and said that they must suffer, for they were called Christians only in words, but they did not keep the commandments of God. But for the sake of the prayers of the Theotokos and all the saints, the Lord gave tormented sinners peace from Great Thursday to Trinity Day. Sinners answered: “Glory to Thy mercy.”

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Summary “The Virgin Mary’s Walking by Flour”