Summer rain

The day was wonderful – bright and sunny. I did not even have time to understand where the sharp gusty wind came from, which made the motionless trees shiver from the heat. The wind dragged behind him a huge, blue-black cloud, which frightened passers-by with distant rolling sounds of thunder.

Then everything was like in a movie, when the film is scrolled twice as fast. The trees bent under the gusts of the wind, their tops rushing from side to side, as if they wanted to dump all the leaves. People from sluggish, tired by heat of passers-by turned into fussy ants. They speeded up the pace, someone ran in the hope of quickly getting to the shelter.

The rain was poured suddenly and violently, as if someone had turned a huge trough with water from above. On the road, puddles immediately formed, through which heavy drops dribbled with terrible force. The land did not have time to absorb water, and dirty streams ran along the roads, wiping off twigs, scraps of paper and other small debris. It became dark, as if evening had come. Thunder and lightning tore the raging sky into rags. Umbrellas did not protect people from the rain, but served only as a sail for the wind that blew up – their owners carried away somewhere along the street. The roar was such that it seemed that the end of the world had come.

The rain ended as suddenly as it had begun. The wind has died down, as if it were not there. The sun appeared from behind the clouds and looked down in surprise. The washed up cheerful world sparkled with bright colors. The trees rustled with shiny green foliage, from somewhere drenched drenched sparrows were chosen and loudly shared impressions with each other. Not only I, but many passers-by were wet to the skin, but cheerful and happy. Everyone was smiling, breathing easily and freely.

Summer rain – it’s great!

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Summer rain