The peoples of the North Caucasus

1. On the map of the administrative-territorial division of the Caucasus, consider the territory of the North Caucasus, find and show all the republics that make up the district.

The North Caucasus includes 10 subjects of the Federation, including 7 republics: the Republic of Adygea, the Karachaevo-Cherkess Republic, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, the Republic of Ingushetia, the Chechen Republic, and the Republic of Dagestan.

2. Determine which language families and groups belong to the peoples of the North Caucasus. Which of them are the most similar and related to each other in terms of language?

The North Caucasus is the most multinational region of Russia, there are several dozens of peoples living there, 8 of them form independent subjects of the Federation. Use the political-administrative map to complete the task.

3. Give examples of the material culture of the mountain peoples, which are determined by the features

of nature.

In the text of the paragraph are examples of the Ingushetia tower settlements, folk crafts of Dagestan.

You probably saw in the movies national clothes of the peoples of the Caucasus – burku. It is a felt cloak of dark color, which protects both from the wind, and from the cold, and from the heat. Shepherds replaced the tent, and in the XIX – the middle of the XX century. was part of the uniform of the national cavalry of the Caucasian formations and units. The national dish of the Caucasian peoples – shish kebab – has spread widely around the world.

4. You often heard, probably, how people in the wishes of each other talk about “Caucasian longevity”. Express your opinions about the nature of the phenomenon of longevity in the Caucasian peoples.

The phenomenon of Caucasian longevity is often explained by good mountain air, by the abundance of fruits, and, at last, by the calm rhythm of life, sometimes called “elixirs” – sour-milk products: matzoni, kumis. No less important, however, are the peculiarities of the way of life

of mountain people, social organization and culture. When the younger generations praise the heads of numerous families from morning to night, surround them with all-round honor and help, the old people are in a state of unshakable confidence in the significance of their person. Caring for the elderly can not but affect the duration of their lives. By the way, in Japan, the world leader in life expectancy, the care of old parents is placed on the shoulders of older sons or husbands of older daughters as a compulsory social requirement.

Despite the fact that the life of the population of the Transcaucasian republics is greatly complicated by armed conflicts, natural phenomena, the average life expectancy in the republics of the North Caucasus is higher than in Russia as a whole. For example, in Kabardino-Balkaria it is 68.7 years, in Ingushetia about 70.

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The peoples of the North Caucasus