Genius and villainy are two things incompatible

This phrase took the form of dogma – as expressed by the great genius of Russian literature, AS Pushkin – and is very often used by Russian-speaking demagogues of all directions. Usually the phrase is pronounced with inspired pathos to cover up shame and shame, as well as the very unseemly acts of any celebrities or those who dream of being such.

In fact, Pushkin’s phrase is full of tragic irony, cunning and ambiguity.

These words are of course Pushkin, but their characters say: first Mozart, then Salieri repeats (not to be confused with real composers by Mozart and Antonio Salieri, Pushkin only used genuine names!) In a conversation about the great French playwright Pierre Beaumarchais. and Mozart speaks them at the very moment when Salieri pours poison at him, that is, at the most culmination of the drama – at the time of the murder. The great French playwright (already a real Beaumarchais), about whom the characters in the Pushkin drama speak, in real life little corresponded to the “incompatibility” of the concepts of Genius and Villainy.

The opinion of Alexander Pushkin on the compatibility or inconsistency of these concepts – alas, is unknown.

By the way, from the same little tragedy “Mozart and Salieri” came another phrase, which became winged in the Russian language – from it Pushkin and begins his work. And again the same Salieri character recites it:

Everyone says there is no truth on earth. But there is no truth – and above. For me So it’s clear, like a simple scale.

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Genius and villainy are two things incompatible