Formation of the territory of the Far East

How was the development of the Far East? Find the names of Russian researchers of the Far East in the names on the map.

As in Siberia, many place names here have preserved the memory of the pioneers and explorers of the Far East:. M Dezhnev, the Bering Sea, Bering Island, Atlasova, Shelikhov Bay, Peninsula Lisiansky, Nevelsk city, Khabarovsk, xp. Chersky and others.

The territorial dispute between Russia and Japan about the Southern Kuril Islands has been at the highest levels for decades. Express and you your point of view, offer your own solution.

The Dutch expedition of M. De Vries in the first sent to the maps of the Southern Kuriles in 1643. The indigenous population of the Aeolian Islands – the Ainus – moved to the island long ago. Hokkaido. December 4, 1762 Catherine II with her manifesto gave a blessing to the development of “distant” islands – the South Kurils. Russian settlers from Kamchatka managed to establish several settlements

when the Samurai envoys moved from the south. The bilateral treaty on peace and friendship of 1855 established: Sakhalin is the joint possession of two monarchies, and the Kuriles are divided by the border between the islands of Iturup and Urup, ie, the Northern Kuriles have departed from Russia, and the islands of Iturup, Kuna-Shir, Shikotan and Habomai ridge. Later there was a Russian-Japanese treaty of 1875, according to which all of Sakhalin left Russia, and Japan – the remaining northern part of the Kurils. The defeat of tsarist Russia in the war of 1904-1905. ended with the Portsmouth Peace Treaty, according to which the Russians lost the southern part of Sakhalin. Following the outcome of World War II, Japan was punished by the fact that part of its territories had passed to the victorious countries. Russia received the Southern Kuriles and Southern Sakhalin.

In 1955, the San Francisco Peace Treaty ended the state of war between Japan and most of the Allied Powers. It was prepared and was signed during the Cold War, which was the reason that one of the key allied powers – the USSR –

refused to sign it. The Soviet side saw in it a number of violations of its legitimate rights, infringement of the interests of the Allies. The treaty has determined the basic parameters of the post-war territorial settlement to be in force with respect to Japan, they are officially denied the so-called “northern territories”. By the declaration of 1956, the USSR agreed to the transfer of Japan to the island of Shikotan and the Habomai chain. But the intergovernmental agreement was not concluded later due to deteriorating relations.

The Pacific Ocean is called the Atlantic of the 21st century. How do you assess the importance of Russia’s broad access to the countries of the Pacific region?

Atlantic XXI century. called the Pacific Ocean, bearing in mind the great transport importance of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the Atlantic Ocean is much narrower, and for the transport development of the Pacific Ocean, some fundamentally new swimming equipment is needed with great speed and carrying capacity.

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Formation of the territory of the Far East