Common questions to countries in South America

1. How does the geographical position of Brazil affect its nature?

Brazil is a huge country, occupying the fifth place in the world in terms of territory size and population. On the territory of Brazil there are four natural zones, but the contrast of the nature of the Amazonian lowland and the Brazilian plateau is the most contrasting. Amazonian lowland – Amazonia is a country in the basin of the great and most full-flowing river of the world – the Amazon.

2. What natural resources are used in the country for the development of industry and agriculture?

The natural gifts of the Amazon are valuable species of trees, fish, mineral resources that people use.

The Brazilian plateau is rich in mineral resources. Wet tropical forests as they move away from the ocean are replaced by savannahs. Savannahs are areas of agricultural development.

3. How to explain the great contrasts in nature Pepy? What are the natural riches of the country?


nature of Peru is extremely contrasting, which is due to its geographical position and relief. The western part – Costa – a narrow strip stretches along the coast for more than 1500 km. Behind Kosta follows the Sierra, where mountain ranges are combined with high-mountain valleys.

In the east of Peru begins Selva, which stretches all the way to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Peru is rich in ores of non-ferrous metals and especially copper ores. In the selva are harvesting timber.

4. Compare the composition of the population of Peru, Brazil and Argentina. Explain the reasons for the differences.

The population of Peru, Brazil and Argentina has similar features: immigrants from Europe made a significant contribution to its formation; the population of countries has a motley racial and ethnic composition. In the Brazilian population, representatives of all three races can be distinguished – Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. A very large proportion of the population belonging to transitional races. In the population of Peru, the proportion of Indians and Métis is large. In

the formation of the population of Argentina, apart from the Spaniards, other peoples of Europe also took part. Especially a lot of immigrants came to the country in the late XIX beginning of the XX century.

5. Give examples of events currently taking place in South America, use messages from radio, newspapers, television,

At present, the countries of South America are independent, they themselves conduct their foreign and domestic policies. Traditionally, there was a close relationship and dependence of the economy of Latin American countries on the United States, which affects the economies of the countries of South America. At present, the governments of some countries, especially Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, express dissatisfaction with US policy in this region.

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Common questions to countries in South America