1. How does the nature of the Arctic seas vary from west to east? The nature of the Arctic seas is harsh and unfriendly, they

Man by his economic activities greatly changed the nature of Eurasia, especially the zones of mixed and broad-leaved forests, forest-steppes and steppes. Here, instead of

The coasts of Eurasia are strongly dissected. The length of the coastline of Eurasia is more than 2.5 times longer than the Earth’s equator. Near

When moving deeper into the continent within the temperate zone, the amount of precipitation is gradually reduced. Wooded areas are becoming less and open spaces

1. What are the main areas of fertilizer production in the country? Basically, the production of fertilizers is concentrated in the Central, Central Black Earth,

Among Africa, Australia and South America, North America is second only to South America in terms of the density of the river network and the

The main part of the inhabitants of the mainland is the indigenous population, belonging to the three races – Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. Representatives of

1. What is the peculiarity of the geographic location of the Arctic Ocean? How does it affect its nature? The peculiarity of the geographic location