Common questions to the country China

1. Why is the economic activity of Western and Eastern China different?

Differences in the economic activities of the population of Western and Eastern China are associated with a sharp difference in the relief, climate and other components of nature. Mountainous and deserted Western China and the damp and plains of East China have a different population density.

2. Show on the map the largest cities in China.

The largest and most modern cities in China – Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong – are located within the Great Chinese Plain. The population of China is about 1 billion 300 million people, 80% of which live in the east of the country in the largest and largest cities.

3. What fisheries are developed off the coast of East Asia?

East Asia is washed by the seas of the Pacific Ocean. The life of the population on the coasts is connected with the sea and the extraction of seafood, which are then sold in numerous fish markets. China’s cuisine stands out for its exotic. According to the Chinese themselves, they eat everything that flies, except aircraft, and everything that floats, except ships.

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Common questions to the country China