The composition of Nazarenko’s painting “The Church of the Ascension in Nezhdanova Street”

I really liked the picture of this artist. In my opinion it is imbued with gentle tones of pink and light green colors, the sky is depicted in lilac paints. All these colors beckon us with their beauty, and attract our sight with their penetration. Looking at the work, we seem to penetrate and become participants in this work.

Nazarenko chose for her landscape a rather panoramic place, and we have a beautiful view, and a church. Those who are familiar with the work of this artist, can confidently recognize her works on several brushstrokes. This picture is saturated with inexpressible energy, I want to look at it for a long time and never stop. I want not only to be there, but also to try to create a masterpiece that is not like anything.

The picture seems to remind us of the divine nature that surrounds us. Because of the constant business, we stopped noticing the beauty of what was happening around. We do not take more time of the year as an unusual phenomenon, we cease to enjoy the yellowed leaves and white fluffy snow. We became gloomy and evil, and it would be better to be kinder not only to others, but to ourselves.

The depicted church symbolizes some miracle, it seems that people from neighboring houses walk in it, and some come to it from the neighborhood. In my opinion, the church also symbolizes faith. After all, now we all just do not have faith. We have ceased not only to trust people, but before time we drop our hands and do not trust ourselves. For a long time I could not tear my eyes from the work of this artist, I was not left with the desire to be there and come closer to this building, feel all the atmosphere that the author wanted to convey to us.

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The composition of Nazarenko’s painting “The Church of the Ascension in Nezhdanova Street”