Moscow is capital of Russia

1. Give a description of the economic and geographical situation, population and economy of Moscow. What information sources will you need for this?

Recall that the economic and geographical situation is the position of the object in relation to other objects of economic importance: to other countries, cities, transport routes, mineral deposits, ie, the location of the object on the economic map. Therefore, to characterize the EGP of Moscow, you will need primarily an economic map. Let’s remember how these cards are read. The color background on them shows the agricultural areas. Moscow is located in the suburban sector, providing the capital with fresh, low-transportable products: milk, meat, eggs, potatoes, vegetables and berries. The icons show the areas of growing crops. To the north and west of Moscow are the horticultural areas. Industrial centers are shown with round icons – punchons, in which the colors of the sectors correspond to the branches of industry.

So, in Moscow the following branches are developed: oil refining, chemical, light, food, mechanical engineering.

2. List the main functions of Moscow and confirm them with examples. What features of Moscow’s development are determined by its metropolitan function?

3. Analyze the materials of the media for the day, week, month. How did they sound the role of Moscow as a managerial, economic and cultural center? Were there any reports of the innovative activity of the capital among them?

Moscow is a subject of the Federation and holds leading positions in the country in the production of certain types of products. The specific weight of Moscow in the all-Russian production of certain types of products is indicated in the table.

4. Moscow is considered the most expensive, contrasting city in Russia with the largest social stratification of the population. Do the materials of the mass media confirm this idea? Give examples.

According to the statistical yearbook, the average monthly income in Moscow in 2003 was 16,819 rubles. with an average of 5162 rubles in Russia. Approaches to this indicator only Yamal-Nenets AO. In Moscow, the most expensive housing, at the same time, a significant proportion of Muscovites are below the poverty line. The salary of the professor of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov is 4-5 thousand rubles. per month.

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Moscow is capital of Russia