General information about Eurasia

The area is 54.6 million km2.

The population is -4.95 billion people.

The highest point at sea level is the city of Jomolungma, 8850 m.

The lowest point from sea level is the surface of the Dead Sea.

The longest river is the Yangtze River, 5800 km.

The largest lake is the Caspian Sea.

The largest island is Kalimantan;

Eurasia – the largest continent of the planet. On this continent, everything is striking in its size and contrasts. Here are the largest peninsula in the area, the highest mountain system, the highest plateau of the planet, the deepest depression on land, the largest in terms of area and depth of the lake.

In Eurasia, the most ancient civilizations were born. In its territory there are 2/3 of the total population of our planet, representatives of all races. The world’s largest and smallest states are also located on the territory of the mainland. The diversity of nature contributed to the development of the economy, culture and linguistic characteristics of the population.

In the embrace of the four oceans with a multitude of islands, peninsulas, seas, bays and straits extends Eurasia for 16 thousand km from west to east and 8 thousand km from north to south.

Eurasia is the mainland on which Ukraine is the state – our homeland.

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General information about Eurasia