General questions to countries of South-West Asia

1. The Mediterranean Sea is washed by 17 states of Europe, Asia and Africa. Which of them left the greatest impact on the world culture?

Mark all these states on the contour map. The smallest in terms of area of ​​the country can be noted in figures and make a footnote in the legend.

In general, the entire Mediterranean is a source of world culture. Of the European countries, it is especially worth mentioning Spain, France, Italy, Greece; from African – Egypt and Tunisia; from Asian – Turkey and Lebanon.

2. Compare the natural conditions of the Arabian Peninsula and the Sahara Desert. Indicate their common features and explain the reasons for their similarity. There are similarities in the nature of these areas. The climate is tropical desert, very hot and dry. Deficiency of moisture affects the entire nature of the desert. Agriculture is possible only with constant irrigation in oases. Water at a cost exceeds the cost of wine. Livestock breeding,

the development of sheep and camels, which are unpretentious in food and are able to withstand the absence of water for a long time, are mainly developed.

3. How does the natural environment of South-West Asia affect the life and activities of the population?

In the topography of South-West Asia, there are extensive uplands, characterized by a low amount of precipitation, fairly cold winters and a large diurnal temperature amplitude. The population lives and farms in the river valleys and oases with irrigated agriculture. They grow wheat, barley, oats, fruits and vegetables.

South-West Asia is a region of extraction of “black gold” – oil. The oil-producing countries are rich, the indigenous people live well. A lot of money is spent on irrigation and the creation of favorable conditions for tourism. Warm seas – the Mediterranean, the Red, the Black, the Dead – visit a lot of tourists, which gives an additional profit to the state, which receives taxes from the tourist business.

4. Write a story about one of the countries of South-West Asia, where were you, your parents or acquaintances.

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General questions to countries of South-West Asia