Summary of the “Division of Property” Aleksin

In the center of Alexin’s story “The division of property” – the family. At first glance it seems that this is an ideal family, love reigns in it. All the concerns of adults are directed towards Verochka, who has a birth trauma. In the end, the girl recovered. And after that, the family disappeared. Mom Verochka decides to part with his grandmother and through the court to divide the property. Do everything honestly.

The narrative in the work is conducted on behalf of Vera, a teenage girl, who is forced to understand the actions of people close to her.

Faith with special tenderness speaks of her grandmother along the line of her father, Anisii Ivanovna, who became her chief doctor for her. Grandma refused to do her favorite work to raise her only granddaughter on her feet, always was nearby and encouraged the girl with the words: “It’s okay.” Granddaughter and grandmother – a single whole, not accidentally Vera calls grandmother

Mama Asya. Anisia Ivanovna not only left the girl, but also managed to raise in her a kind and conscientious person.

Faith loves my mother, Sofya Vasilyevna. But the girl, growing up, starts to notice that her mother always uses clear language that as a “strong specialist” connected with nature she never admired nature. This strong-willed, confident woman does not seem to have enough warmth. It affects Vera and the duality of her mother’s behavior. Sofya Vasilievna always objected to the presents from the village, but she neatly placed the banks in the refrigerator and on the balcony, which was sent by my grandmother’s sister. Mom invites professors who treated their daughter for dinner, while talking with Dad reminds that it is necessary to invite only useful people. Grandma at this dinner is called a “good genius.” Mom seems to support everyone. But, it turns out, she is annoyed for a long time that Anisia Ivanovna took the leading place in her daughter’s life.

Offended at her mother-in-law because her daughter devoted a schoolwork to her grandmother and called

her the main person in her life, Sofya Vasilyevna inspires her husband with the idea that they need to leave. Dad never objected to my mother’s decision and gradually lost her face. And now he supports the decision of his wife to sue the division of property.

Verochka, who accidentally heard the conversation of her parents, resents the consumer attitude towards her grandmother. The girl makes her moral choice: she decides to be that part of the property that will go to the grandmother. Vera wants to talk with the judge and becomes a witness of the trial of property division. The son requires the mother to consent to the section. He does not ask for “nothing superfluous”. But the judge concludes that the most unnecessary thing on earth is to sue the mother.

The basis of the conflict in the family, depicted in the story, is jealousy. Mom, driving the grandmother out of the house, tries to switch all the attention of her daughter to herself. But Aleksin, starting and finishing the story with a scene in court, makes it clear to readers that conflicts in the family and sections of property are typical.

The story ends tragically. She could not talk to the judge. My father found her and explained that they would not divide anything. But by the time they came home, my grandmother had already left for the village. And Vera realized that she had left to die. The girl had a stroke. The father calms her with grandmother’s words: “It’s okay!” No, now everything is scary…

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Summary of the “Division of Property” Aleksin