Eyes the mirror of the soul composition

Everyone knows the expression “the eye is the mirror of the soul”. But who thought about its meaning? I suggest to ponder together. One of the main sensory organs is the eyes. With their help we see this world. This is so familiar a process that we begin to understand its meaning only by losing this ability. Man, unfortunately, is not perfect, and negligent treatment of oneself often leads to suffering.

It is the eyes that are usually associated with the human soul. Why is that? Perhaps because they can not lie. After all, you can cheat with facial expressions or words, but not with a look. The view of a person is sometimes so eloquent that it does not require additional words. It’s enough to look at a person like that, and he will understand everything right away.

A look can be conveyed as negative, and positive emotions. Eyes can “smile” or “glow”. A person with this look immediately stands out in the crowd. He is able to arrange

to himself, to inspire confidence, because others perceive him as a happy and kind person. A vivid example are the lovers – their eyes glow and it is impossible to hide.

Sadness of the soul is also invariably reflected in the eyes. And no matter how a person tries not to hide it, the outside still reflects the inner. Neither a tense smile nor a show of fun can change this. First of all, it is necessary to warm up the soul, to cheer it, and then the eyes themselves will tell about it.

There is still such a thing as a “glass look”. Who once faced it, it is unlikely to ever forget. A man with an empty look is terrible, because his consciousness is turned off, and the soul is closed. He is unpredictable and insensitive.

It can be concluded that the eyes, as it were, are directly connected to the soul and can express the widest range of feelings and emotions. Looking at the person in the eye, you can understand much about him, it is important only to correctly interpret what he saw.

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Eyes the mirror of the soul composition