Composition on the theme “Eternal values”

They say that a child is a small flower on the field of life. And I would say that any person, and an adult, is also a unique life flower. I do not want to think long over the theme of the work and, as they say, “rassusolivat.” After all, I already know the answer, why human life is valuable. And I know what its value is.

How do I get this understanding? Probably from the parents. I think they told me this more than once, and I remembered. A person comes to our world with a supply of talents and gifts, with dreams and a “suitcase” of goals that he wants to realize. That is, with its unique potential, the repetition of which no one else has. Someone has a gift to beautifully sing, someone draws wonderful. In this, and the value of each person’s life – he is in itself a treasure. And happy is he who can realize his talents.

If you call from the street, take and build ten random people in a line, it turns out that among them there is no man without talents. The first person in the line will have the gift to raise children well, the second – to earn money and do business, the third – to grow plants, the fourth – to write poetry. Even the one who says: “I’m not talented, I’m a loser!” there will necessarily be hidden “gifts of nature”

The subject of the value of life in me raises many questions. For example, in society we are taught to appreciate the life of all people, even those who do not value the lives of others. I’m talking about maniacs, murderers, sadists. That is, those who have “ruined” the unique flower of their soul and kindness without watering. While I myself have not found the answer to the question: why? I think that in time I will find it. As for my own life, I’m sure it has value. And for me, and for other people.

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Composition on the theme “Eternal values”