How I learned to swim

Each girl learns to swim in different ways: someone gets this way of movement in the pool under the guidance of an instructor in some section, someone is taught by parents or girlfriends. I learned to swim with my father. He used, in his own words, “shock therapy”. What it is? Now find out!

My father showed me how to move his arms and legs during the voyage for a long time. But as soon as it came to the water, everything was stalled: I was afraid of deep places. It seemed to me that I was about to forget everything that my father taught, and I’ll go to the bottom of the rock.

“Let’s go for a swim in a boat,” Papa suggested one day.

The weather was wonderful: there were no wrinkles on the lake, it was quiet and smooth, the sky was blue, ducks quacking in the reeds – it’s time to go on a boat, look at the floats, how the dad catches fish. I agreed with pleasure.

We were already in the middle of the lake, where the depth is several meters, when the boat suddenly tipped and turned over! I was in the water and started to squeal. To tone! Where is the saving bottom?

Involuntarily I remembered the movements I had learned, and now I’m swimming! It’s awkward, ugly, like a dog, but – I’m swimming! I look, and my dad rents me.

Then I learned that the boat turned over accidentally: my father specially put me in such conditions that I had to swim.

“It’s hard to teach – it’s easy to fight,” says the proverb. Her rightness I learned from my own experience!

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How I learned to swim