Painting by F. P. Reshetnikov “Again the deuce”

The main theme of the work of F. P. Reshetnikov is the theme of childhood: for young people he creates his own paintings, boys and girls make heroes of paintings. He is able to convey their thoughts and feelings, moods and experiences.

In the painting “Again the deuce” – a whole story. The unlucky pupil again brought a deuce from school. In his briefcase, together with his notebooks and textbooks, he has skates: apparently, he did not try very hard at the lessons. At the rink, it is much more interesting and fun than in the classroom. His mother looks at him sadly, her hands dropped helplessly on her knees: how many times can one and the same thing be repeated? The elder sister, a pioneer and, probably, an excellent student, looks sternly, with condemnation. The younger brother is funny: again he will get a nod with a bum. Only the dog caresses to its favorite: now it’s time to take a walk, run with it on snowdrifts. And the main culprit of the story turned from the domestic. And the truth is, it’s embarrassing: only yesterday I gave you the floor – and on you… The boy’s face is full of repentance and self-pity. But there is no obstinacy, no resentment. He, probably, easy-going, kind, helps mum on the house, cares for his younger brother. But only not collected very much, is distracted during lessons, forgets to write down the homework. And again, the deuce.

The painting is not gloomy colors. Bright details of the clothes of the heroes, the boy’s face, flushed in the frost, suggests that it is not a tragedy at all, but only a domestic scene. What does not happen in childhood!

The artist believes that a good man will grow out of the hero, good and strong, and therefore the picture is imbued with mild humor, a kind smile.

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Painting by F. P. Reshetnikov “Again the deuce”