OGE writing on “What is memory?” collection 2016 N. Nefedova, option 1, task 15.3

Memory is the property of a person to preserve the past. I can give such a definition personally. To save means to save, sense and evoke pictures of the past and feelings of the past in your head. Memory is, figuratively speaking, the language of modern computer scientists, free access to its past.

Often we come across the fact that memory refuses to us. “Much of what he said, did not want to remember.” – writes about his grandfather in the book “Childhood” Maxim Gorky. I think the boy did not want to remember the grandfather’s stories because they encased the hard, painful stories from life: “Even without his grandfather’s orders, he invaded memory with a painful splinter.”

But it is not necessary that way, because we do not remember things that are simply not interesting to us, which are, in addition, too serious, sophisticated for our understanding. For example, I always lose the formula for physics, which I do not like.

Human memory initially seeks to save something important for him, valuable. Going into the field of memories, a person again and again experiences his happy moments. Maxim Gorky talks about his grandparents: “Leaving the past, they forgot about me.” And my grandmother warms up her grandfather’s stories with her stories: “Do you remember, father, how nice it was when you and I went to Murom on a pilgrimage.” People who have maintained friendship and love, and not just an excellent memory, tend to value common memories throughout their lives.

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OGE writing on “What is memory?” collection 2016 N. Nefedova, option 1, task 15.3